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Welcome to Aetherea Sandbox. The Aethera Sandbox is an open fantasy world that is player-driven and player-developed. The Aetherea Sandbox Wiki Project is an on-going collaborative effort to catalog, consolidate, and share new developments in the ever-changing world of Aetherea.

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    Summary: High Apu Plain:
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  • new page Qarac
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    New page: The Temple of Shamans Imperial City Mountain Agriculture Mountain University Emperor Trail Place of origin Falkyrie Vypyrie Panthyrie
  • new page Jeppri
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Jeppri The Jeppri are an unusual race. They originated about the same time that Trolls did. Like the Trolls, the Jeppri are of strong body and mind,...
  • new page Barabara (Barbari)
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Barabara (Barbari) The Barabara  are a  tough stock of  barbaric apelike men. They have low brows and heavy cheekbones. They are hulked with massive...
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  • new page Humankind
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    New page: Humankind The race of Man is by far the largest, and most influential Common Race of the more recent times. What is often overlooked is their origin,...
  • new page Dwarvenkind
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    New page: Dwarvenkind The first of the “Fathered Races” (made by the Valar aside from Illuvatar’s design, i.e. Merfolk and Bestials, Centaurs). They were cast...
  • new page Polar Elves (Laapelffin)
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    New page: Polar Elves (Laapelffin) After the great war with the Orcs of the , the Twilight Elves fled into the Wilds of Twilight. Some, however, remembering...
  • new page High Elves
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    New page: High Elves When the Noldar  set out to attack the innocent Teleri, many stayed behind. They knew that their lives were in danger because of what...