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Other Names: -Human Federation -The Federation -The Federacy -Amyran Federation

The Human Federation is a complex league of human city-states that lies far to the south of Eladas, deep in the sun-scorched deserts of Amyra. This belicose polity dominates the surrounding region and is unparalleled in Arda in its industry, prosperity, technology, and military machinery. Industry, Commerce, and Military are the lifeblood of Amyran interest, economy, and society. These three organizing principles are so interdependent and have become such an overwhelming factor in all Amyran politics, society, and religion, that they are often referred to as the "Machinery." Industry, Commerce, and military might fuel each other in a torrential complex that drives itself forward in consuming nearby nations and resources for the sake of its own survival. The Federal Machinery has literally overrun the government. It is now nearly impossible to separate Federal bureaucracy, from corporate structure, from military rank. The government looks like a corporate army. Industrial operations are conducted like a bureaucratic legion. And the military operates like the security assets of a guilder order. The Amyran Federation has consumed many surrounding city sates. It has mercilessly exploited local populations and resources in conquered lands. It has build a formidable network of commercial investments, monopolies, assets, and perogatives across Arda. Few are the nations that remain untouched by the influence, contact, or interference of this southern juggernaut. Most are touched through commerce, as the Human Federation is the largest and most populous polity in the whole of Arda, so all international networks flow, to, from, or through it. It's appetite and consumption drives the economic engines of empires far-flung across seas and continents. It's technologies are in great demand for their quality, quantity, and cheapness. Contact with the Amyrans has been a watershed event for many colonial, aboriginal, or disposed peoples. The Amyrans able to invigorate their prospects by delivering material wealth in excessive bulk and quality...especially arms and armor, as well as military and economic advisors.

Symbol and MotoEdit

The symbol of the Human Federation is one of the most reviled, feared, admired, and regarded standards among the nations of Arda. The red cogwheel represents the fire and blood of Amyran industrial might. The gold key on the left represents the city keys taken in conquest, the gold key on the right represents city keys given in friendship. The white field represents the colors all nations fly before or under the Federation. Nations within the Federation fly white as a symbol of submission to the Federation, but also it represents the Federation's guarantee of peace to its members, clients, and subjects. To nations outside the Federation, it is a symbol of peaceful parley and trade. To nations before the might the Federation it is a symbol of the last flag their nations will fly as an independent polity: a flag of surrender. And also the first flag they will fly as a conquered nation: one of representing the federal truce.

Moto: Power from Gold, Prosperity by Iron, Peace through Steel

Gold represents commerce might, iron represents industry might, steel represents military might


The government of the Federation is complex and looks different depending on whether on is an internal observer or external observer. The constitution of Amyrans lays out three statuses for nations within the Federation.

-Member Nation: Member nations are city-states who enjoy full membership within the Federation. The federation is constituted for their benefit, so to these cities go the spoils of war, the fruits of peace and prosperity. Member status is simultaneously the most coveted and envied position among the states and nations of the Federation and its allies. Member states are still autonomous, retaining their ancient rights and liberties within the Federation. They tend to be wildly prosperous, areas of cultural sophistication and refinement. They also are hubs of commerce and economic development, therefore tend to have swelling populations. These member states are entitled to a share of the Federal revenues accrued through industry, trade, and war. Although, these states are "free" many functions of government, such as tax, public works and services, and public safety and justice are outsourced the Federal Machinery, because it operates these so efficiently and on a transnational scale. This standardization and uniformity greatly eases and encourages the free political, social, and economic intercourse between member cities. Member cities also enjoy the revenues and control over resources within their hinterland and other territories they are able to purchase or accrue. There are over 300 member states, with countless hundreds more seeking admission to this elite club and the commercial, economic, and social privileges that come with it. Member nations proudly display a golden key emblazoned within the right field of their city arms.

-Client Nation: Client nations are city states, kingdoms, or nations which retain their independence from the Federation, but are economically, politically, and militarily subordinate to it. These are essentially dependencies. The Federation sanctions the form of government within the city, often a tyrant, oligarchy, partisan faction, granting it key monopolies in trade to maintain itself through various revenues, as well as a carefully placed military garrison and other material military aid to prop up the regime. Many times, various functions of government are outsourced to the Federal Machinery, where the client regime cannot sustain them itself. This form of control is greatly preferred by the Federation, for its operating costs are much lower than directly administering and services provided are rendered, such as road building, construction of monuments, tax collection, or public record keeping, are rendered at a profit and not at an expense to the member states. The Federal Machinery also is able to freely operate within such states with impunity for its own commercial and industrial development interests and receive the full support of the client regime. Therefore it often disregards the property and personal rights in pursuit of its goals, not being constrained by the strict protections which limit it when operating within the boundaries of the Federation itself. Therefore, it is little surprise that some of the Federations largest, most ambitious, and most controversial military and economic pursuits occur within willing host client states. Perhaps, the most notorious examples the slave studding farms of Arpharasia and the Etherium mines of Darit. In Arpharasia, slaves from foreign nations and races are specially bred in new combinations to produce beneficent breeds to be used in various functions. Then they are studded out across the Federation. The Etherium mines of Darit mine and process ether directly from a ethereal fracture in the mystical landscape, leading to very dangerous consequences. There are over 800 client nations and kingdoms of varying size and population and power. The largest being the ancient kindom of Kyros far across the sands, haunted by the ancient demihuman race of Canae up to nations as small as small hermitic foundations of monks of the Brotherhood of Ere inhabiting remote precipitous skelligs in the mist of the storm-tossed Jadess Ocean.

-Captive Nation: Captive nations are nations that began as client nations, then raised the flag of sedition and rebellion against the Federation. Once a client nation breaks its pledge of loyalty, the full might of the Federal military machinery descends upon it. The idea behind captive status is to crush the disloyalty of a state or nation in perpetuity. As the Amyran constitution states: "So that they be crushed under our heal unto the 10th generation." In this, the state's rights are entirely stripped, the state is plundered. Often, the native populous is deported and distributed in an international diaspora among the thousands of other nations associated with the Federation. There is so much surplus population within the grasp of the Federation that these territories are easily and forcibly resettled. Now, the Federal Machinery directly administers the territory of the captive state and sets about furiously economically developing it toward membership, to which it can apply after the 10th generation from the resettlement of its new inhabitants. Until then, the state is administered as the prerogative of the Federal Machinery, with its resettled population being used as captives of the states in developing it for the use of Federal citizens. Then Federal citizens are invited to found, inhabit, and occupy the cities to reinvigorate its economy as colonists. Upon application for membership, these citizens' posterity will form the ruling citizenry. Settling captive states is a popular way for Federal citizens to increase their prospects as second sons of minor branches swell the ranks of the great member cities. It is often in Captive nations where large scale Federal projects develop, serving as economic engines for the entire region. Examples: the large commercial plantations, great ironworks and mining operations, large factories and manufacturing centers, huge trade ports, etc. There are well over 2,000 captive nations. Surprising to outsiders, most captive states are granted membership within their 10 generation of captivity and welcomed a viable economic and political partners.

-Subject Nation: In the last 10 generations (250 years), the Federal Machinery began to outrun the interests of the member states as the prime mover of Federal policy. Therefore, the Federal legions marched roughshod over the top of foreign nations, neither as a punitive measure for broken alliance, nor for trade disagreement, but rather in raw conquest. And not with a mind to make these subjected territories and peoples clients or eventual members, but rather to security their labor and resources for the benefit of the Federation in perpetuity. Therefore, the rights, perogatives, and property within these territories were not for sale, lease, partition, or claim among the member states, but rather administered on behalf of the whole by the Federal Machinery in order to sustain the Machinery, thereby relieving any tax burden upon the Member States. Within these subject states, the Federal Machinery directly governs and develops for its own use and purposes. The inhabitants are without rights, not quite captive or slave it status, but neither metic or citizen. Rather they are locked in permanent peonage to the Federation, which may exploit them, kill then, or dispossess them as it sees fit. In most cases, these subject peoples live in relative peace and prosperity, though bound to the land with little claim on their property and labor. In subjected territories with sparser population, the Federation often imports captives or slaves to meet its needs, or rounds up independent nomadic people of the area and concentrates them in newly founded working communities. On the extreme frontier of the Federation, where it merely maintains a presence, but exercises little control. These regions are heavily militarized, the idea being keep the military occupied and away from the heartland, and they are essentially frontlines of conquest. In these regions, client states abound and Sociae and Amicae proliferate.

-Federal Machinery: This is a euphemism for the massive conflict of interest that is the Federal apparatus. The military, bureaucracy, and federally subsidized corporations so complex and intertwined, to those who come into contact with them, they seem to be one and the same. Therefore it is colloquially referred to as the Federal Machinery. The Five most recognizeable high offices within the Federal Machinery are that of Marshal, Minister, Magistrate, and Magister, Manageriat. Marshals are high ranking officials with military associations. Ministers are perhaps the highest ranking officials in the bureaucracy, ministering vast empire-wide programs and governance functions, Magisters are powerful officials which are sent to govern over large nations and principalities as viceroys. Magistrates are high ranking officials within the legal system, they can range from judges, to legal experts, to arbiters, to executors of public bequests, to commanders of provincial gendarmeries. A Manageriat is a chief officer of a corporation with strong Federal ties. Magisters, once they have served a term continue their duty helping to govern the homeland, serving forming an electoral caste among the highest ranks of the citizenry of member states of the Federation. Magister Councils function as a law making body within each member city to pass local laws and ordinances. They are also tapped to fill the highest roles of the bureaucracy, such as the ministeries. Ministers are largely regarded as the highest office within the Federal Machinery. Ministers such as Minister of Defense, Commerce, Interior, and Public Works wield vast budgets, executive authority, and command legions of laborers, functionaries, and in most cases, troops. The highest echelons of the Federal machinery are shrowded in mystery. The decision making process is unclear for how in individual is tapped for a ministry office. Outside observers know that it is an appointment process and that the Magister Councils have some role in nominating candidates. Appointees may be removed at anytime, but tend to occupy their ofice for many years. The arrival of a special envoy, bearing the SEAL and RING of OFFICE, along with a golden sundisk heralds the announcement of a new Minister. A Minister must then embark on a tour of the most important centers of their Ministry, where they are publically acclaimed by the Magisters and Citizens of the area. These Accession Tours are grand affairs, as they happen rarely and Ministers are akin to royalty in the public ceremonies and rites of the Federation. Many believe the upper echelons of power in the Federal Bureaucracy have actually been automated. This is because the capitol city Emoyra hums with clockwork activity in the days before a special envoy is dispatched to appoint a new Minister.

Foreign Relations: The reach and influence of the Federation is vast. It has developed several distinct classes of relationship for the nations with which it intercourses. -Amicae: Amicae are nations that a granted the official status Friend. These nations are independent, but have a close, trusted relationship with the Federation. Often working in tandem within a region through joint military or commercial operations. They are not client states, as their government and laws are entirely indigenous and the roles of the Federal Machinery is expressly limited to agreed military and commercial operations. Examples include: a joint-venture to open, operate, and protect a mine in the territory of a common rival or enemy. The Federation might provide the capital and the expertise to get locate the mineral and fund its extraction. The Amicae Nation may provide the labor, through its own population or through its captives. Or the Federation might set up a trading post deep within an Amicae Nation's territory and station a garrison of troops there a security. The Federation might deal exclusively with other nations in the region through this Amicae Nation as a broker. Or, an Amicae Nation may partner with the Federation to root out a nest of brigands that are obstructing travel through a dangerous forest, or to conduct cattle raids on a rival clan. All relationships are contractual through treaty and contract. The Federation often awards this status as it is accumulating allies in a new regions of interest. This status is often reserved for small, underdeveloped nations that are the power in their neighborhood backwater. An example of Amicae Nation in Eladas are the Stone Dwarves.

-Socii: Socii Nations are granted official status of Friend and Ally. This means that Socii Nations and the Federation are bound together in a pact of economic, political, and military defense within a bounded region. Both sides declared each other's interests within the region common and sworn to uphold them. The Federation often binds nations in a Socii Treaty with which it has developed a mature and mutually profitable relationship within a region. This has proven to be an extremely effect method of extending and protecting Federation commercial interests into dangerous or wild regions, and shoring up defense of newly acquired borders. Socii Nations maintain their independence and their indigenous regimes, but unlike Amicae who relationship is narrowly defined per terms of each contract, compact, and treaty, a Socii Nation is obligated to advance andprotect Federation interests in its region, having accepted the role as a Federal Agent or Broker Nation. They are also obligated to must large auxiliary forces to supplement Federal legions stationed in the region. This status is often reserved for small, underdeveloped nations that are the power in their neighborhood backwater. An example of a Socii Nation in Eladas is the Human Wilder population, some of which have advanced in political organization from villages to baronies.

-Trade Ally This is purely an economic relationship as established through trade pact or treaty. This could vary from a Nation approved to trade at a Federation wilderness post, to a port-city on the Jadess Coast that does not have to pay a portage tax in a Federal port in exchange for a Federal monopoly in slaves supplied from this city. This is often used with economically developed nations in prominent regions from which the Federation is simply trying to leverage a powerful trade relationship, without military involvement.

-Military Ally This status tends to be ad hoc as the Federation enters various military leagues to accomplish a definite military end. For instance, it recently became a military ally of Lume to fight the Sea People on the high seas, because they disrupted the slave trade with their attacks on slave ships and convoys. This is a rarely awarded status, as it implies equality with the partner. This is often temporarily awarded to other distant empires when they must cooperate for a time in a common interest.

-Nefarae This is a status that roughly translates to "Outlawed Nation." This is an independent nation upon which the Federation has declared war. In effect, the Federation declares that it's sovereignty is revoked and its regime is "outlawed" which justifies any action or atrocity of war against it. Rarely in Federation history has a Nefarae Nation been wholesale destroyed. For most of Federation history, these were rival leagues of cities or independent petty kingdoms swallowed up by the expansion of the Federation and disbanded and shuffled into the Federal polyglot of peoples, so that their names, legacies, and cultures were erased from memory. In the last 10 generations, as the Federal Machinery began to outrun the interests of the Member States, Nefarae proliferated along the border regions and among newly conquered territories within which unsubdued pockets of people still resided. Examples of Nefarae Nations of Eladas: Wodes, Locrian Elves. These are nations that the Federation disavows, refuses to trade with and seeks to wholesale destroy and disperse.

Society Edit

Amyran society is very caste-based and hierarchical.

Citizen: Citizens are individuals who are native to the ruling stratus of Amyran society. Typically, born in or descended from the inhabitants of member cities of the Federation. Individuals may also gain citizenship through military or public service to the federation or be rewarded this status by a member state. Citizenship is also spread through the founding of colonies and recolonizing efforts over the top of smoldering captive states. It is the rarest and most coveted status in Amyran society. Citizens enjoy full economic, political, and civil rights, including the due process in trial, the right to participate in political office, vote, sit on a citizen's council, and bring suit in court, and the right to travel free of restraint, the right to political organize and hold public meetings and to trade without constraint. Citizens tend to enjoy great material wealth as the benefits of the Federal surplus are distributed among them by a complex system of rights, inheritances, shares, and prerogatives that require a sophisticated legal system to document, track, enforce and execute. Citizens also dominate the upper ranks of the Federal Machinery, Amyra industry, commerce, and military.

Metic: This is the largest caste in Amyran society. These are inhabitants of the countryside and cities that do not have full rights of citizenship. The closest equivalent would be the burghers and peasants of the Lumerian Dominions and Dependacies. These form the backbone of the prosperous Amyran middle economy including artizans, shopkeepers, merchants, free farmers, and yeomenry. Small, prosperous, independent, hardworking are the halmarks of this class. Many Metics are freedmen or decendants of freedmen. Many others are the denizens of client states and subject states. sociii, amicae, and other foreigners that have taken up residence in federal cities, territories, or provinces. Metics make up the backbone of the Federal machinery, through which most hope to gain their citizenship, or a share of the federal spoils which accrue to those who work in the more hazardous or contreversial of the Federal Machinery's actitivies.

-Slavery: Slavery is the nasty underside of Amyran civilization, economy, and culture...all of which are predicated upon a continued and sustained system of mastery. Up to 35% of Federal Population live in a state of slavery. Slavery is a complex and varied institution carefully regulated by the Federal courts, with many different grades. Many sell themselves or are sentenced into slavery to repay debts to creditors or society. Many submit to indenture in order to gain a promised great gain. This is often the case of new colonies, which have programs of mass indenture to attract the urban rabble with the promise of payment of transport, housing, and admittance to a guild upon the end of their service of indenture to the city or sponsor. Others are born in to multigenerational slavery, being the descendants of captive nations of conquered peoples, devoid of legal rights and protections beyond safety of their person, unless outlawed, forever bound to their purpose, place, task, or owner. Others enter the ranks of the military as auxilliaries or public service, or in public labor and are afforded great fame, bounty, and riches. The most degraded status is that of one who is outlawed or sold into the Federation as a slave. Being governed under now nation's laws or protected by them, they are no more than chattle to be bought, sold, breeded, worked , and killed at their master's convenience. Others are retained for private or public spectacle, such as gladiators or concubines.

-Race: Under Federation law all demi-humans are eligible for citzenship. However, awarding citizenship largely being in the hands of the individual member cities, this is rare in practice. Vast throngs of demi-humans live within Amyran dominions, especially in federally conquered subject nations. But most live as metics, subjects, captives, and slaves. There is a large trend among demi-humans to "pass" as humans, with half-elven engaging in ear-clipping and half-trolls engaging in tooth filing. There is ardent ultra-partizan segment of the Amyran meticry, mainly formal veterans that have been settled on colonial endownments in exchange for service who are demi-humans. Having been indoctrinated to patriotism and reaped the spoils of conquest from years of military service, these demi-humans form a formidable force of Metic Brigades in the countryside which act as regulators, enforcing caste lines. However, race is rarely talked about, but is a large factor in the society, with various demi-humans heavily segregated into segments of the society economically. Examples: Dwarves as artizans, Half-elven and Elven as merchants, Half-trolls and Half-orcs and Mestisen in the military and peacekeeping.

== Law and Order ==

The Federal court systems are complex beyond belief, having evolved to protect and regulate the sophisticated system of finance, banking, trade, commerce, industry, and civil shares and inheritances. Member cities still maintain much of their autonomy in matters of justice, but most have chosen to outsource major features in order to experience the full benefit of economic intergration into the Federation. The federal legal system make extensive use of citizens councils to fact-find, enforce, execute, and decide justice. The federal criminal course reign supreme in colonies, and subject states, it is also imported into many client states and nations, because of the swift, and efficient justice it can afford. The federal machinery also mantains a federal gendarme which operates in all federal cities and in the countryside under the strict control of federal magistrates. The gendarme also uses an elaborate system of deputization in order to enlist the aid of the metics and deter the brigandry of metic councils in the countryside. The gendarme is a typical institution within the federal machinery as it is not clear how civilian or military it is. It stands as a separate entity from the military, but the gendarme is made up of veterans, carefully screened. It is not entitled to take spoils, but entitled to a share of the spoils from the country it serves. It is captained by retired military officers who still hold commissions within the Federal reserves. It answers to a magistrate, but can be activated by a marshal.

Military Edit

The military is a complex institution in the federation. The first major body are the Federal Legions. These are a crack core of legions constituted from diehard metics and citizens from member states. Then there are Federal Regulars which are full-time professional soldiers who are self-indentured for a period of 20 years in return for a share of their regiment's spoils, a plot of land and a domicile in a veteran's colony at the time of retirement, and citizenship in the nearest member state. Then there are the Federal Irregulars, which are composed of emergency impressments that have been organized into permanent standing legions. These often consist of captives and slaves that are then enlisted for a term of 10 years and paid at mercenary rate and have a share of the spoils. Then there is the Federal Reserves, which are a system of local militias of city-states, yeoman's brigades, and veteran's brigades, which drill periodically under the auspices of the federal military and can be activated and placed under the command of and experienced corps of retired veterans still holding commissions from the Federal Reserves. Then the Federal Gendarme may also be activated in time of crisis. Then there is the Federal Auxiliary. This a sophisticated patchwork of auxilliary forces supplied by Federal socii, amicae, and mercenary forces hired by the Federation and various corporations affiliated with it. Each of these large bodies is overseen by Marshals of varying degrees. The most important being the Marshals Designate. This is a council of Marshals from the Federal Legion and Regulars who is designated to serve the Field Marshal of the Federation in various high roles, command and governace capacities. Many legates to foreign nations, captive nations, and subject states are drawn from this body of Marshals Designate.


The ambassadors is a curious military fraternity of commissioned officers within the Federal Reserves numbering about 100 members. They have created a military fraternity in the frontier regions of the Federation. These Ambassadors live in a military-monastic type setting. All have secured a dispensation from activation and from regular duties ascribed to their commissioned rank within the reserve. They have also been granted Legate status, each one, by the Federation. This gives each one the power to negotiate and bind treaties with foreign peoples and to assume command of Federal Auxilliaries, Irregulars, and Gendarmerie they encounter. They observe strict order of rank and military discipline. Therefore, if two are present, the one of inferior military rank defers command to the legate of superior commissioned rank, but still executes the commands of his commanding officer as a commissioned officer. If two Ambassadors of the same rank are present, the Ambassador with the least seniority of service in the Federal Reserves as a commissioned officer defers to his or her senior. If they are equal in this, the one who has less seniority as a brother within the Ambassadors defers. They may also be pre-assigned roles before embarking on a commission by the Commandant or higher in rank.

They live together in a series of reclusive strongholds in the border regions which they occupy on a semi-permient basis, traveling and establishing court on a rotating basis, but always leaving a garrison of two castellans attended by a cohort of auxiliary or regulars. They work among nefarii and native nations of Eladas in order to broker trade, alliances, and prosecute local wars on behalf of allies. They are a fiercely independent institution--as independent as a military may get from the Federal Machinery. They have established a fierce reputation among their enemies and a lavish one among their friends. They are a respected authority in wild and lawless region, often sitting in judgement or conferring arbitration on among warring parties and factions among the Wilders beyond the Picket. They operate far beyond the last reach of the Federation, their stronghold often acting as the most remote trading outposts for federal voyageurs and pioneers. They fulfill the effective function of paving the way for Federal influence in a wild and untamed region in the generation before the first settlers, traders, and armies arrive, often already having carefully enlisted socii and amicae to the aid of the Federation, both prime candidates for client nations. The Ambassadors are perhaps most famous for their organization of the Wilders beyond the Picket of Eladas into trade villages, and petty baronies, such as Slushforge, Belmont, and Bitter Stockade. The barons of these fiefdoms swearing fealty to the legate of a nearby Embassy. The local Legati-en-Castellanus, accepting homage on behalf of the of the Federation of Cities. In effect, ruling as a ducal governor over a loosely constituted province beyond the Picket. Edit

== Industry & Trade ==

Industry and trade are tightly intertwined with the Federal Machinery. Trade and craft guilds often constituting the governments of member cities and owning large states in state-run or subsidized industrial or commercial operations. Trade is conducted internally within the Federation through an elaborate system of rights, perogatives, and monopolies between the cities. There are large industrial centers of the federation are often in subject and captive territories where corporations can act with impunity and without restraint. Examples of the massive industrial operations of the Federal Machinery and its capitalist investors, include massive mining, refining, smelting , and forging operations deep in the Burning South, which employ several million slaves and captives. Another examples are massive commercial plantations worked by slaves on the tropical northern coast, or the latifundia operated by subjects in the far east. Another example is the massive armories and arsenals the lie just to the north of the Burning Sands of the south, which supply the Federal legions. Perhaps the greatest symbol of Federal might is the great Cogtrain assembly. This is housed in the moutains outside the Federation's largest member city Amyrdon. Cogtrains run for thousands of miles across the vast expanses of the Federal territory. They carry people, soldiers, supplies, and goods in dizzying quantities, at dizzying speeds. These have made resources and manufactured goods abundantly cheap and readily available throughout the heartland of the Federation and also have greatly contributed to the Federations ability to relocated masses of dispossessed captives and large conquering legions. The Federation is a hub of trade. All major trade networks either run through it or too it. Therefore, it is the only empire that truly has intercourse with every major empire of Arda. This also means Federal agents can before in the most unusual and far flung places presenting gifts, brokering marriages and trade deals, or contracting mercenary services, or investing Amyran funds. Many of the banking and financial systems of the world empires are predicated on Amyran financial instruments whether they wish to admit it or not. Furthermore, Amyran private interests abroad experience the unprecedented backing of the full weight of the Federal Machinery, because these interest are so bound up in the Federation as a whole. As an example, an individual metic, might sail a ship to trade with Lume. Because he has a backer that is a citizen of a member state, he may receive a war galley to protect his ship, the proper papers to transact trade within Lume according to the favorable terms negotiated by the Federation, he may be exempt from the portage tax, because of a prerogative his city has within Lume, and he may have a free bed once he gets there within a Federation enclave and representation in Lumerian court, should he be wronged or sued in his dealing because of his backer's fees to the Federation's merchant insurance fund. He also may carry Federal paper instruments that are worthless to a pirate who attempts to rob his vessel at sea, but will be honored in solid gold within any port in which the Lumerian Merchant's guild trades.

== Magic


Magic is a taboo subject within Amyran society. However, one's position in society greatly determines the latitude one gains in experimentation with it. If you are a slave or captive that is accused of practicing sorcery, you can expect to be taken into the countryside and crucified by the Gendarmerie. There is actually a full-time position within the Gendarmerie known as a Crucifer, which hunts down captives and slaves accused of practicing magic and oversees their crucifiction. Crucifers often hand over the accused to the local Metic's Council for lynching. The Gendarmerie commonly does this when there is no Crucifer to be found, in lieu of detaining the captive or slave. Metics who are caught practicing magic are often castrated, muted, mamed (thumbs cut off), or exiled depending on the magic they are accused of. Foreigners are simply deported, unless they cause injury or damage with their magic, then they are castrated, blinded, or muted before being handed over to their nation. If their nation is nefarea, then they are subsequently crucified. Citizens who practice magic, can expect to pay a fine or lose public shares, or be stripped of title and offices, rights or perogatives as the court sees fit. Rarely are citizens physically jeopardized. Certain segments of Amyran society are permitted to use magic within a limited scope due their ancient heritage or function, as long as it does not cause unacceptable harm. Half-elves and gnomes may use it to create certain kinds of medical potions and healing balms, and also for magical engineering purposes. Half-trolls are permitted to employ magic within the military against Federal nefarae. Dwarves and Elves are allowed to imbue their craftsmanship with enchantments. And Federal soldiers are allowed to own enchanted armor and weaponry according to rank and social prerogative. However, magic is very limited in its legal use beyond these exceptions. Interestly, the areas where this prohibition seems to be flauted the most is in the areas of deep federal industrial investment, especially within client kingdoms and in the Federal Perserve. An example of this is the great Aethereum mine and refinery run by half-trolls on within the misty forest the Edges of Twilight. Or the Dragon Eyrie of the Frosted Slopes.

The Preserve and Picket Edit

The Preserve as a vast territory that the Federation has conquered, settled, and developed for its own use and revenues to alleviate the tax burden on member states. This territory accounts or nearly a fourth of all territory under the auspices of the Federation. The expansion and development of this areas has fueled the power of the Federal Machinery, which now conducts business for its own benefit, instead of for the exclusive benefit of the member states. The vast Federal Legions and Regulars and kept occupied in wars of conquest within the preserve keeping them far from the center of Federal power. The preserve only hosts a tenth of the Federation's populations, but is quickly growing as it is settled and developed by the veterans, colonists, and metics seeking opportunity outside the stifling member cities. The Picket is a carefully maintained line of frontier forts, walls, and settlements on the very fridge of Federal Settlement. It is maintained as semi-permanent garrision against border incursions and as way to regulate and facilitate trade entering the homeland.

Emoyra: Monumental Capital Edit

The Cosmit Timepiece is a massive clockwork structure that dominates the skyline of Emorya, the monumental capital city of the federation. Emorya is cleared from a great jungle basin in the northwest of the Federation, about 10 days journey from the Jaddess, in a vale of the Frost Tips, which loom to the south. Emoyra is a city unique in Arda. It is a purely monumental city, raised to the industrial and technical might of the Federation, it is an entirely clockwork skyline of gracefully rising timepieces, interlocking sprockets, and whirring gears built in the most inhospitable climate for machinery: a jungle. It is powered by the geothermal steam the comes from vents which reach far below the Frost Tips and by watermills which harness the rough watercourses the plunge through the jungle basin into the sea. This is a city of industrial beauty, every structure accomplishing some hidden function or calculation, appearing glistening and riveting to the eye. Automatons whirr through the streets, corridors, of the city about mysterious tasks, driven by steam or Ethereum cores. All major federal aspects of the Federal machinery are headquartered in Emorya's shadow and environs, including the Seat of Magistrates, the Councile of Marshals Designated, all major foreign embassies and palaces of great citizen and wealthy plutocracts. The life and bustles typical to a world capital are present , but take place in its suburbs. Emoyra, also possesses a massive dredged protective harbor making it one of the most active seaports in the Jaddess basin. Cogtrains roar in and out of the capitaol an d through the mountains carrying cargo from the trading ships at port , slaves, and people traveling to and from the interior. The center o the city is carefully closed off and only its automated denizens are permitted entry. The walls are carefully guarded from without by the Gendarmerie of the capital.

Cosmic TimepieceEdit

A large spire reaches toward the sky in the center of the clockwork skyline, this massive spire is known as the Cosmic Timepiece. It appears to be made out of jade glass. This spire casts a gentle aura of emerald during the day and a powerful nimbus during the night, which lights up the entire city like a night of a full moon. It also emits a strange humming sound which seems to come both directly from the Cosmic Timepiece and from within the earth simultaneously. It is rumored to be the linpin of the complex financial and legal systems of the Federation, as well as the system of rights and perogatives among the citizens of member states.


The Lucents are a family four Ethereum-core based lifeforms which are each housed in highly advanced automata constructed by the Gnomic Arch-Artificer Geromantos. These supernatural beings superintend the continual operation of the the Cosmic Timepiece. Those rare few who have encountered them, describe them in terms of demideity-like power and cunning. Their exact function is unclear, however it is clearing vital to the continued smooth function of the Federal courts, financial systems, and Federal Machinery. Among the citizenry of the Federation it is widely rumored that these automata are in fact the supreme governing body of the entire Federal Machinery, appointing and issuing directives to the Ministers. Among the Metics, the Lucents are widely regarded as the civic deities of the Federation and are venerated through state-sanctions shrines and a formal priesthood, restricted to the Metic caste. This operates as a powerful socially cohesive force, binding the metics to the citizenry in the service of the Federation through hope of the financial and social gain of elevation to citizenship, backed by a militant patriotism running through veteran metic colonies, sanctions by the moral weight of civic religion. Slaves are also taught to venerate the Lucents by their masters, all slave holidays, feasts, and rights of passage carefully linked to the Calendar of the Lucents and presided over by the Lucent Priesthood of Metics.

The Lucent CalendarEdit

The Lucents are widely credited with establishing an extraordinarily accurate calendar system, which is used to synchronize time, transportation, and commerce across the wide expanses of the Federation. It is also used to plan with terrifying efficiency and accuracy the appropriate times for planting, harvesting, inaugurating business adventures, and even having children. This reason many among the Amyran lower castes appear to be quizotic blend of intensely pragmatic and superstitious. As the Amyran society as a whole is devotedly scientific, skeptical, and of an industrious mindset. However, must metics and members of the lower castes will not embark on any great endeavor or decision of import without first consulting a Lucent Augur to have a special horoscope calculated and cast. These horoscopes very accurately forecast the chances of success in terms of probability. Because of the Lucent Calendar's close association with the success or failure of crop and commerce according to the cycle of the seasons, the Lucents have grown into a series of cyclical associations with natural phenomena within popular folk religion of the lower castes.

Lucent names and associations:

1) Dawn/Spring/Birth and Youth/Renewal

2) Daylight/Summer/Adulthood/Maturation

3) Dusk/Autumn/Old Age/Decline

4) Darkness/Winter/Death/Destruction

Places of Interest: ===

==== -Arpharasis: Slave Pits - ==== Arpharasis is a great place of infamy within Amyra. It is a sunblasted coastal port, which acts as a transshipment point for all flesh entering and exiting the Amyran Federation. It began as colonial city of metics veterans who were awarded their citizenships. As a polity, Arpharasis began to invest heavily in the slave trade to supply the furnaces, mines, and great industrial works of the Federation. It is now most famous for the natural ring of crescent canyons which radiate from the exterior of the city into the wilderness. These canyons have been converted into great slave pits for the storage of slaves for transshipment all over the world. Arpharasis is prolific for the variety and quantity of flesh it trades in. It is especially famous for the gladiators and slave-armies it raises. It is also widely scorned and admired for engaging in the practice of breeding different varieties and characteristics into its slaves. These slaves are from every sapient race of demihuman, from elf to orc to troll. The most highly demanded are its Half Elves and Humans for the speed at which they breed. Arpharasis not only raises and trains slaves of all stocks, it also buys them and collects them from every corner of the world and does so in tremendous quantity. Almost every slave-owning nations finds its primary market in the sale houses of Arpharasis, however the potentates and tyrants of the east, across the Endless Sands are the biggest customers, buying entire armies and cities from the Arpharasian Masters, due to their endless wars against the desert orkic civilizations of Tarqs, Dokhar, Vandals, and the Orqu further to the southeast.

The Titan Barrows Edit

Deep in the wastelands of the Endless Sands is an out-of-place chain of mountains known as the Titan Barrows. This massive crumbling ruin of ancient mountains is said to be a mass grave of slaughtered Titans piled high from the Titanomachy, a mythical battle between the Armies of the Valar and the Forces of Chaos in the early aeons of time. It is thought that perhaps a Valar, itself held this ground against the advance of a contingent of Celestial Titans. This range is a place of great cosmic power and magical disturbance even to the day. It is the periodic roost of dragons, drakes, and the occasional wyyrm from across the Endless Sands. It has random outbreaks of Lich Hordes bursting forth from the Underdark. There is even a trinity of Celestials who live in permanent residence, guarding the highest peak for some higher, mysterious purpose. Their wellspring, which is the headwaters of the only watersource for 100 miles, the Jarzjit River of crystalline waters, has become a pilgrimage point, as normally one Celestial may be found guarding the head waters, while the other three are further up the peak. The Celestials have oracular powers that fly in the face of the mechanics of the Lucent Calendar of Amyra. They freely converse with any who seek their counsel and utterly destroy any, who attempt to pass the headwaters and ascend the peak.

Like everything else, Federation is not interested in the Titan Borrows for its sacred properties, but for its profits. These mountains - as the remains of Celestial Titans, are replete with precious metals and gems, such as adamantine and mythril, and the even rarer Aethereum and Eluyseum. Vast Federal Mining operations work day and night extracting these precious resources in boundless quantities from the heart of the earth. These mines are fed by a relentless flow of slaves, trucked in by cogtrain from Arpharasis on the coast. The life expectancy of these slaves is short. Most are convicts from foreign nations, sold to Amyran slavers. Exile to the Federal Mines is considered worse than a death sentence and the surest form of punishment. Most cities and polities of the Jadess send their convicts here, making a handsome fare from this justice.

Darit: Aethereum Mines Edit

On the far eastern side of the Titan Barrows is the mining boomtown of Darit. This is the main headquarters of the Federal Machinery in the region with many industrial potentates having grand palaces right along the banks of the Jarzjit of the Crystaline Waters. This is a border town, and a highly militarized and restricted one - typical of Federal operations in the periphery. It is highly garrisoned by Federal Regulars guarding against slave revolt in the mines to the west and protecting against the raids of Tarqs, Dokhar, and occasional incursion of the Vandals from across the desert. This settlement is in the shadow of a great height known as Jorban's Neck. This is thought to be the only exposed head of Titan in the Titan Barrows. The heads apparently decapitated and carried off of buried deep beneath the crush of their master's bodies. This is the most prized mine to which the Federation has access, as it is replete with Aethereum and is a place of deep, raw, and dangerous magic. The Federation has brought in a special caste of Half Troll metics to operate this unsual mine for their unique lore and skill in navigating Aethereal places of power. The mines are an endless twisting labrynth of corridors and caverns that seem to be the capillaries of this massive titan's mind The Aetheruem is so raw that it literally comprises the walls in a solid state, and weeps a thick mist which clings to the floors of the passages. Very little is extracted and none of it is sold outside the federation. All of it is refined into artifacts of power by the Darit Half Troll artificers. Otherwise it is largely left intact, secretly operated by the Half Trolls and the Federal Masters of Industry staged in Darit. Many postulate that this mine actually acts as a component of the mysterious machinery of the Lucents in the capital city of Emoyra.

Kharyat: HellsforgeEdit

Nested in the heart of one of the most active volcanos in Arda, Kharyat, the Hellsforge is a massive subterranean industrial complex which refines the ore and creates the steel which drives the industry of the Federacy. Kharyat is a massive shield volcano, which actively erupts night and day, creating large, slow-moving lava flows but little pyroclastic activity. The heights of the mountain are normally wreathed in flame and lightning generated by the continuous volcanic activity. Kharyat is a great place of power, said to be by the Fire Dwarves of the region said to be the very place were the Valar, Aule the Craftsman, forged and awoke the first of the Dwarves. The first Dwarven Kingdom of Dain is a place of legend, but is said to be in the heart of the mountain. What is known is that the Fire Dwarves speak the most archaic dialect known to their race. The Federation opened the Hellsforce within the bowels of Kharyat to tap into the raw earth magic of the volcano augment their massive forging, smelting, ore refining & milling, and foundry operations in the area. Must of the Hellforge infrastructure was built into a massive pre-existing catacomb of lava tubes and volcanic flumes, which the Fire Dwarves claim to be the remnants of the ancient kingdom of Dain. These twisting grottos descend deep into the earth, overlapping with sections of the upper-Underdark. Many adventurers descend deep into the Underdark from this location in search of Aule's Workshop and the place of the Dwarven Father's Awakening. Few return. Typical of the Federal Machinery, Kharyat has turned into a massive underground megaplex that confuses the lines between a global industrial operation, a major world city, a slave pit, a rift to the Underdark, and large military base. It is through the Fire Dwarves of Kharyat that the Federation has tapped into subterranean trade routes, such as the Golden Way of the Dwarves and the Undercurrent of the Drowe. Both the Fire Dwarves and the Drowe are welcomed to live freely as metics within Kharyat, but are expressly forbidden by the Federation from venturing to the surface. Most are content to do remain. For those who are not, enlistment and service as a Federal Regular is a ticket to surface adventure and possible plantation within a veteran's colony upon retirement. Kharyat is where the Federal Armory is located. Fire Dwarves under the careful instruction of Gnomic masters have flooded the world market with cheap, utilitarian magical arms and armor. Kharyat is the pumping heart of Federal industrial might, for it processes the raw materials required for the factories that supply the empire and project its power to a wide world. It is also one of the many pits where foreign slaves from all over the world go to die in the industrial and mining operations, carted in by the hundreds daily aboard cogtrain. The landscape above Kharyat is a vast, barren desert plan, covered in smooth volcanic glass. The Federation, not having much use for Dragonglass, but realizing a near endless supply regularly harvests this precious resource and trades it abroad, all those its quality and properties cannot match that of the Dragonglass of Ides.

Azarat: Coastal PlantationsEdit

Along the sunny, humid, and tropic western coast of the Federation lies the region of Azarat. This is a fertile coastal plain which is densely inhabited by colonies of Federal veterans. These cities are newly initiated into the citizenship of the Federation, and as such are ultra-patriotic and eager to realize the benefits of their hard-won citizenship. The vast, fertile interior of these city-states is plowed under with millions of acres of high-value cash crops, such various leaves for smoking, rare spices, plants from which rich dyes may be extracted, fruits from which the finest spirits may be produced, plants that may be refined for their sweetness, or harvested for their gentle fibers. Most of these crops are labor-intensive to cultivate, harvest, process, refine, move to a global market. For this reason a vast slave trade flows into the man-made ports of these colonies. The countryside is swarming with "baymen"

Khmerth: Switchyard

Qateraph: Stockyard

Eliseph: Cogtrain Manufactury

Emura: Shipyard

Khorta: Spice Emporium

Jetta: Silk Mill