Name: Lysanter "Tiriehta" Olhkek

Race: Dohkar

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Warrior, Ex-Dragoon

Background: Lysanter served in the western extreme of the Endless Desert as a mruru-mounted dragoon in the service of the Thundersmiths of Karnak. He was wounded and captured in a raid and sold westward into slavery. He was put to work in the iron mines in the Eastern Slopes of Eladas, where he languished for 10 years. Then he led a conspiracy of delvers in an uprising against their overseers. He escaped with a small rag-tag band into the mountain, where they survived for several years hunting, trapping, and hiring out their services as guides and mercenaries. One night, a band of Lokryan Elf slave-catchers caught up with them, killing some and capturing most. Lysanter was transported westerward to the dwarven Stone Kingdom where he was put to work in the Mythril Mines, where his skills in delving were highly valued. After a time, he was appointed as a foreman of a team of delvers. He secretly made contact with a tribe of Cavern Elves and defected with his team. They were quickly adopted into the tribe. Lysanter, known as "Tiriehta" or "Bright-Lance" among the Cavern Elves, is now a captain. His team is instrumental in the Cavern Elf resistance against the Stone King, who seeks to weed them out of his mines.