Noldari Elves

The Noldar are the exiled Illuvari that left the to recover the lost Silmarils. Feanor ordered his artisans to design armaments for the Noldar. Then, Feanor lead his people to the of to depart across the Fathomless Blue and search out . When Feanor  found out that the Teleri had escorted across the ocean he was enraged. The hapless Teleri, who did not know of what was accused, fell helplessly under the blades of the Noldar. In their owns streets they were massacred, defending their precious caravels they drowned. The Noldar stole the caravels and embarked across the waves. Ulmo, outraged at the thoughtless slaying of his precious Teleri stirred up great monsoons, typhoons, and maelstroms to destroy and scatter the Noldar. He called up his serpents of water that fought against Morgoth to wreak havoc upon them. When they reached the other coast, Orme, their first friend, appeared to them, towering over the coastal cliffs with thunder and lightning about him. He laid upon them the Curse of the Noldar. He bound them to their oath and forbade those that were loyal to the sons of Feanor to return to the Blessed Realm. There, the now insane Feanor ordered a burning of the whole armada of Caravels.'''The Blue Elven mariners witnessed this burning and mourned the loss of their closest Kin; for they perceived what had happened. Feanor ordered his host to march inland, after many week of hard trekking (which is not customary with Elves) the reached the . There they were warmly greeted by the Northern Dwarven Lords, for they were allies with the Grey Elves. Feanor did not much care for the Dwarves, viewing them as vulgar, and inferior, but tolerated them. He did not get the answers he was looking for from them, for they had their hands tied in a colossal war with the Orcs. The Noldar aided the Dwarves in the war. The Trolls fled at the very sight of their glittering diamond swords and lustering mithril shields, for the light of the Blessed Realm was fresh upon the face of the Noldar host. The Noldar migrated south on the advice of the Northern Dwarves to the Sweeping Plain. They encountered the Great and attempted to pass threw, but Beleg the Bow, Chief Hunter halted them and would not allow their passage. The Noldar slew the Hunters and passed through. The Green Elves became hostile and drove them out. They came to the Sweeping Plains, and there they found the ruins of the once great Alaericroft. Within they found a great Balrog sleeping. After awaking the Balrog, the Noldar gave battle, with the aid of their Spirit Hearts and Lucent Spheres, and the ones known as Glorifindel and Haldir destroyed it. Feanor rebuilt the City of and established the realm of the Noldar in the Sweeping Plains. Feanor divided the Plains between his seven sons. After several centuries of peace, Feanor was reminded of his vow. The agents of Morgoth deluded his already insane mind, and he declared war upon the Green Elves, for he thought they had the Silmarils. After laying siege to Nargathrond and not being able to penetrate it, Feanor claimed the Great as his own. One day Feanor was confronted by a Sky Elven messenger bearing a message from Manwe. Manwe called for the Noldar, the exiled children of the Blessed Realm to overthrow Morgoth’s influence in Arda. Feanor, blaming Morgoth for stealing the Silmarils rallied a mighty host and marched east, through the Wilds of Twilight, past the ruins of Culuvian and into the . He was not prepared for what had awaited him. Morgoth had enthroned , Warthaerow  (Dirty Traitor) as King of the Drow. Under the command of the Drow had constructed an underground labrynth far deeper and complex than Nargathrond that reached to the dark places within the earth, called Morinuin Umano (Underdark). He reined from atop an impenetrable tower called Orthanc in the . Under were the Black Uruks of Morgoth, a hellish spawn of Orc. The Noldar fought a bitter war against Turn, but had the power of the Silmarils at his aid. was given command of the remaining Balrogs, and two of them he mutated. One of them into a powerful dark sorcerer called the Mouth of Morgoth, and the other a master of forms; a shape-shifter with a sugar-coated tongue. This one was particularly dangerous and was enthroned in the dungeon of Umano in the Northeast of Greenwood the Great. He was known as Tauron, or Sauron, for Bitter or Foul Enemy. The Noldar fought a bitter war against Orthanc, but could not breach it. With the help of the Sky Elves they slew the Mouth of Morgoth. At this the spell he had woven to protect Orthanc broke, the Black Uruks flooded from the tower and fell under the blades of the Noldar, for the light of the Blessed Realm still had not yet dwindled in their eyes. When the dark host was turned back, the Noldar watched in terror as Orthanc was lifted from the its foundations and driven off into the sky, pushed by a gigantic fireball. The Noldar hastened after it, following its bright trail in the sky. They followed it across the Sweeping Plains and into the great valley called Isen created by its impact. took his thrown down in the deeps of Unamo and dispatched Tauron across the Fathomless Blue. Here and his Drow  held out, until Feanor, sick of waiting challenged to a bout. accepted and immerged riding upon Djavoltung, the great hellhound. He wielded the swords  Helkagurtha, or Icy Death and  Tinta, or Twinkle (These would become legendary heirlooms among the Drowe). He quickly slew Feanor, but was himself slain by Starlight, the Sky Elf. None of the Silmarils were retrieved. It was a useless stalemate, so the Noldar retreated back to Alaericroft. There they crowned Starlight, the Sky Elf as their king. They renamed him Gil-galad the Immortal King. He pledged to ruled over them for 500 years, until Manwe needed him again. His spear Snowpoint or Aeglis, and Roc, Aqualass, became revered by the Noldar. At last he was called away; this was the moment Tauron had been waiting for. He had come back to Morinuin Umano after his master’s death and in the short span of 500 years created several substantial deviltries. He had created a blight that was capable of infecting Elves. He also swelled the population of orcs and tapped the Fires of Creation. He had driven up a mountain range of volcanoes that acted as massive smokestacks for the diabolical machinery that ran below. His most substantial creation, however was the Diades. They were a diabolical minion that knew not pain or death. Tauron released his hordes upon the Noldar, and they rose up with such a vengence that they flushed him from Morinuin Umano,  He retreated to the long prepared stronghold of Thangordrim, and released Gaulrung Dragon King, and his children. After this he fled across the sea. Gaulrung devastated the weakening Noldar, and forced them to flee as refuges into the hands of the Green Elves.