Shigekuni is a highly trained monk well adapt at unarmed fighting. He has mastered four different martial arts and is capable of utilizing ki. Ki, also named Chakra, is a type of magical energy derived from one's physical capabilities rather than solely source of will (psionics) or use of mana (magery). Unlike other ki users Shige primarily uses it for self improvement such as enhanced physical endurance and mobile in the forums of a flash step and additional steps on non-solid substances, such as water.

As an elemental Miair of fire Shige can create fire as desired and he has lived a life monkhood in an attempt to have some control over his outrageous desire to incinerate everything. This addiction creates conflict between his monk discipline and the end result is Shige wants to fight. He wants an excuse to release his fire. The problem is, he is not a flame artist or master invoker by any means. He burns stuff, simple as that. In combat he lights him self on fire in various ways and is enthralled with the fire around him. When, if, he regains control he can snuff them out.

Character Sheet: