Roving Gods Edit

The concept of a "Roving God" seems to be unique to the Celdsi. A Roving God does not fit into any cosmology, it has no connection to the natural order. It is almost a rogue element--albeit a supernaturally powerful and chaotic one. The "Roving Gods" occur as a sort of interruption to the predominantly animistic and shamanistic religion and mythology of the Celdsi. The only cosmological schema they have is a place of birth and a relation to each other. They have no relationship with natural forces, whether it is to imbalance them, control them, or represent them.

The Roving Gods are considered anathema among the Celdsi. They are considered curse-bringers and chaos bringers. It is taboo among the Celdsi to mention them, although all know of their existance. Most of the priestly rites concerning the Roving Gods center around repelling their presence and dispelling their ill-effects. Little is known of these rituals because they are considered taboo, in themselves. The Celdsi regard the Roving Gods as incredibily dangerous. Their chaotic nature goes far to explain this. They are not connected to any place or concept. They "rove" where they will. Appear and interfere, seemingly at random. They are a very fickle, capricious, and reckless in the use of their supernatural powers and the consequences of interfering with the lives of mere mortals. Their motivation is indeterminable, but they seem to incessantly scheme and fight amongst each other; all else seeming not to matter. They are heedless of who is swept up in their immensly dangerous game of deception and plotting.

Wild BroodEdit

  • Rhiannon Wild Horse

    Rhiannon Wild Horse

  • Manannon Flowing Mane
  •  Brighid of the Brooks
  • The Dread Morrigan
  • Taranis Lightning Wheel
  • Dagda Good-god
  • Cernunnos Rampant
Dunas Cashel

Manannan the Flowing Mane


Brighid of the Brooks

Brood's Nest

Struggle Against the VenirEdit

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Taranis Lightning Wheel


Cernunnos Rampant

Celtic Dagda

Dagda Goodgod


The Dread Morrigan