The Twilight Elves are a group of nomadic elves that live in The Edges of Twilight. They have a savior known as Orome to the Twilight Elves, but his true name is Orme. He is a valar in actuality and he is the one that shall always watch over the Twilight Elves. He gives his children the gift of the dream as well as the gift of the Cold Fire. The dream is a state of mind that people slip into which is a sort of visionary world, though The Twilight Elves are especially attuned to it. Cold Fire is a cold blue flame that represents the symbol of creation.

The Twilight Elves are a nomadic pigmy Kin of Elves. They roam Wilds of Twilight by night hunting and foraging for food. They are said to have perfected the art of stealth, camouflage, and tracking. They live in clans that are lead by a chieftain, and reportedly have mastered the art of bronze casting. Since their foundation the small influences of Morgoth have shaped their society. The clans have constantly been warring amidst themselves in conflict of hunting grounds and water sources. Their culture is thought to have been established by 500 years after the exodus from Culuvian, and has suffered little change since. Sketchy archiological evidence suggests that they were the first material children to resist the hosts of Morgoth in arms. But little is known of their struggles against the hosts of Morgoth, because access to the Wilds of Twilight is limited.

It is believed that a full-scale war was waged between the Twilight Elves and the Orcs of the , and during the last battle of this war the Orcs were overcome. This battle left thousands of orcs dead, but only a few scattered remanents of Elven remains have been recovered. This battle occurred c. 800 after the exodus of Culuvian. This war established the rough barbaric nature of the Twilight Elves, but for reasons undetermined they retreated deep into the Wilds of Twilight.